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This initiative grew from my interest in RFID, developments in the Mifare field and the following observations:

  • RFID is here to stay and it's use will only increase
    Like it, love it, hate it or ignore it. Whatever you do, it won't go away. EuroCard, MasterCard and Visa are thinking of using RFID for their credit cards. RFID chips are more and more included into mobile phones. I think you've been given no choice but to accept RFID in some way or another.
  • RFID needs crypto
    Without crypto RFID is just another data channel. History has shown that using closed source encryption algorithms is a good way to insecure situations. However, unless gently forced, industry will not opt for open source alternatives.
  • RFID is unclear
    Even though we use RFID at least a few times every day, we don't know what is going on. And that is fine if that's not your beef. However I want to know and I want to make it easy for others to know and understand it too.
So I've started this little project to make a device.
A device that can read, store and emulate classic Mifare cards.
I hope it will give me, and others, more insight in the workings of RFID and will open up new ways to do business.